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medical cushion for various applications

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Positioning in general


Splints and padding accessories

X-ray and operation positioning




Decubitus prophylaxis and therapy

Care for the elderly, nursing and postoperative care

Everything for your baby

Anti - Decubitus - Kaltschaumplatten Knierollen

Important !
Please specify when ordering the desired reference style as PVC, Tricot, KL (Leatherette) oder PU coating always with the item number to Art. no. like 1340706PVC

Products with no colours specified in their descriptions are always manufactured in their standard colours i.e. leatherette comes in white, PVC in cream, and PU /PUW coating in agave. There are different prices for: - PU coating white: additional charge of 20% to the price of the standard PU version, as well as - PU cover black antistatic: additional charge of 30% to the price of the standard leatherette version.

Foam plates

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and massage

Important information and Colour guide

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